We believe in Growing together. We give an opportunity to be our franchisee and promote our products on monopoly basis manufactured at WHO-GMP standards..

Company support to marketing

Visual Aid and Sample catch covers.
Product Brochures and Leave behinds.
CD’s for laptop presentation.
Various product promotion scheme charts.
Visiting Cards and MR bag with company logo.
MR training and marketing support by our business manager if required.
Our product features in Drug Today and many other pharma magazines.
Customized Visual –aid and Training Manual (one of its kind- coming soon).
Various gifts with company logo - wall clocks, pens, diaries, calendars and many more.
Guaranteed Monopoly and Atleast 2-3 new products introduction bi-monthly.
Unique product introduction and their special promotion kits.

Managerial Back-Up

All India Business Manager can visit you every 3 months to support your team & make important Doctor calls.

Direct Purchase:

Any specialist physician, hospitals, medical person or any person who supply directly to hospitals and institutions can directly purchase from us, thereby saving the costs.